Rev. Andrea Brown  - Lead Pastor

Andrea is a graduate of Bucknell and Columbia universities and Lancaster Theological Seminary. She left a career in journalism and joined the Grandview staff in 1999. She's married to Tim Buckwalter, and they have two daughters. One member says she's an ocean: deep, makes waves.


Jessica Kahler - Coordinator for Church and Community Life


George Swank - Youth Ministry

George and his wife, Abby, grew up in Lancaster before they both shipped off to Eastern University in St. Davids Pennsylvania.  In May of 2009, he received his Bachelors in Youth Ministry, with a minor in Theology and Bible.  Through Christ, he wishes to show students that there is more to this life than what the world shows them.  On top of this, he is a multi-instrumentalist and has a passion for music.  Of his many instruments, guitar and mandolin are his favorite.


Rev. Mary Merriman - Pastor of Visitation

Mary is the oldest of 10 siblings, and that experience shows up in her excellent leadership qualities.  She's an ordained pastor in the Metropolitan Community Church with an extensive background in social work.  She is married to Ruth Stetter.  Dulcimer playing is among her many talents; she's also adept with technology.  One of her current projects is collecting the spoken stories of local LGBTQ history.


Sharon Madonna - Office Administrator

Sharon's gentle spirit and warm smile make everyone welcome in the Grandview office. She and her husband Tony have two grown sons. Sharon, a graduate of Central Penn Business College, has a heart for animals and volunteers in the community with a therapeutic horseback riding program.


Cindy McGary - Director of Music

Cindy brings a clear soprano voice, great administrative skills, and a heart for children to her role.  Like Mike and Carole, she's a graduate of Lebanon Valley College.  Like Andrea and Carole, she's a United Methodist PK (that's preacher's kid). She's married to Jeff and they have two grown sons.


Liz Fulmer- Worship and Pastoral Assistant

When Lady Gaga visited Grandview (yes, this really happened), she called Liz Fulmer ‘sensational.’  Liz is a sensational singer and songwriter.  Check out her EP Tall Tales on iTunes if you want to hear for yourself.  She is also a very effective preacher and worship leader as well as the editor behind our monthly newsletter and a leader of young-adult ministries here.  She studied at Berklee College of Music and recently graduated from Millersville University.


Carole Daugherty Haigh - Organist

Carole, a graduate of Lebanon Valley College, has been playing the piano and organ at Grandview for 34 years. She is a proficient sight-reader and has recorded an album, "Ode to Appalachia." She and her husband Jere love to travel. Carole enjoys spending time with her stepson and granddaughter.


Robert Good - Sound Technician

Not wanting to be on the stage but still wanting to be part of making things happen, Rob learned early in life—8th grade, to be exact—about the beauty of running the sound board.  He's a 2004 graduate of Millersville University with a BA in graphic arts with a minor in ceramics.  He still loves to play in the mud, working with clay in his home studio.  He's also a retail manager at S. Clyde Weaver foods.  He lives with a special needs basset hound, who demands lots of his time.


Tim Riggs - Children's Ministry

Tim's an actor who has played many challenging and inspiring parts, including Hamlet.  Some of the parts he's playing now: husband to Megan and dad of three girls; member of the staff of the YMCA; leader of a great-but-imperiled after-school program at Fulton Elementary School, where he teaches kids "junkyard drumming"; and, of course, purveyor of excellent children's messages and Sunday school lessons here at Grandview.


Beth Wagner- Webmaster