Bread to be Fed

gumc-cafeBREAD TO BE FED is a partnership with S.Clyde Weaver’s Lancaster Shopping Center store.  Twice a week, day old bread, rolls, bagels, and pastries are donated to the church.  The bread is boxed and ready for Grandview volunteers to pick up by 7 a.m. but can be retrieved at anytime throughout the morning.  During the school year, the bread and rolls are included in Grandview’s Power Pack food bags.  The bread is distributed to any of the following locations; Transitional Living Center, Lancaster County Council of Churches Food Bank, and the church freezer for future use.  The bagels and pastries are served Sunday mornings for breakfast to our praise band, sound and visual techs, and other early rising servants.  The goodies are also used in the GrandBREW Café.