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About Grandview Connections

Grandview Connections is a blog for discussing  the weekly sermon and/or readings presented at Grandview Church. The purpose of GrandviewConnections is to bring faith to life!  welcome

Whether at home on a personal computer (PC), using a tablet or smart phone – Grandview members and friends develop a rich online discussion about the way the Scriptures take shape in our Christ – led lives.

Grandview sermons are recorded and available by clicking Online Sermons. This is a great opportunity for those unable to attend worship because of conflicting schedules or travelling as they can listen to a recorded sermon and then post their thoughts on Grandview Connections.

There are two primary areas of focus to Grandview Connections

All Sermon Posts and Comments Blog:   Readings for the Sunday sermon generally follow the Revised Lectionary.  However, readings are at the discretion of the person delivering the sermon. The readings are posted on Grandview Connections on Saturday to encourage preparation for the worship service and the blog is open for posting. (Please do not post during worship.)  Sermons remain open for comment for 14 days following its delivery. Comments are then Archived.

Think of what’s written here as an extension of the conversation you might have with friends or family after worship on any Sunday.  Please limit comments to the sermon content, the posted comments or assigned readings.  As we read,  pray and write about our sermon experience,  it is hoped that Grandview UMC will proclaim God’s love in word and in action – strengthening the body of Christ and glorifying God our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

Faith Builders include resources for strengthening our faith community. These resources cover a variety of topics.  Please contact Mary with feedback regarding these resources or others that might be helpful on this site.

The Moderator for Grandview Connections is Mary Merriman – a retired clergy pastor who typically attends the 10:45 worship.  Mary’s role is to assure our conversation is constructive, civil and nurturing.   Pastor Mike and Pastor Andrea may sometimes interact with this blog, but they won’t do so regularly.  Questions or concerns about Grandview Connections are to be directed to Mary M. using Contact Grandview Connections on the Connections Main Page.

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