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Revised Common Lectionary

(Click here) The Revised Common Lectionary  (RCL) readings are a way to read through the Bible in a process of three years.  The RCL was devised to assist Christian churches in planning their liturgical calendar.  Churches do, however, have the ability to select their own readings for a given Sunday or occasion.

How to Use the Vanderbilt Library Revised Common Lectionary (Click Here)

  • In the left hand column, click the church season. On 12/29/13, it is Christmastide (12 days after Christmas).
  • The right hand calendar now appears.Click that date on the calendar and the readings for that date will appear
  • Click the date and the readings will appear
  • A box in the right corner also has artwork, a prayer and other versions of the Bible available.

Other features of the lectionary include print, save and search features in the upper righ hand corner of the website.

If you have questions about how to use the lectionary, please contact Mary

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